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Are you looking wildlife removal in the Capital Region? Absolute Pest Control has you covered. Absolute has been in business over 30 years. We specialize in residential and commercial wildlife removal and our targeted program has a high rate of success removing nuisance wildlife.

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Absolute Pest Control is committed to solving your vole problems through our comprehensive wildlife control services. Based on our assessment of your needs, we will recommend a program custom-tailored to resolve your specific pest problems. Absolute Pest Control takes a modern approach to Pest Management called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a broad-based approach incorporating practices that minimize risks to health and the environment.

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Our Vole Programs and Services

vole up close in loose dirt
We’ll examine all aspects of your property and identify possible points of activity, where the voles are likely to establish themselves.
vole damage to a lawn
Exclusion & Trapping
Vole's claws make them adept at digging holes and unsettling the earth. Because we’re so knowledgeable about their natural instincts and abilities, we’re able to design effective control methods to remove them quickly. We set traps in the active areas of the property and continue to check the traps for 3 weeks.
company truck
When activity is identified the traps are replaced/relocated to ensure the most effective vole control.
wildlife services

Our Wildlife Trapping Service

Perimeter inspection

 Sealing of entryways

Monitoring & Trapping

Removal & Drop-off 


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