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Quality Pest Control Solutions In Troy, NY

Troy, NY has become known in recent years as the place to be in Upstate New York. With chic boutiques, restaurants, and galleries, Troy is a modern city that has managed to maintain its Victorian glow. It’s no wonder why Troy has become one of the most sought-after places to live in New York. But it’s not just people that are attracted to this amazing city, living here means finding ways to deal with the pests who love it, too.

That’s where Absolute Pest Control comes in. We are a locally-owned team of pest management experts whose goal is to keep your home or business safe and free from pests, no matter the time of year. We use an Integrated Pest Management approach to all of your problems that provides you with the highest quality of service while minimizing risks to your health and the planet. Contact us today to learn more about how you can live pest-free!

Residential Pest Control In Troy, NY

At Absolute Pest Control, we’re committed to providing Troy homeowners with affordable pest control that suits their unique needs. We know that dealing with a pest infestation can be challenging and stressful, but it doesn’t need to be.

When you call Absolute Pest Control, our highly trained technicians will come and inspect your property to fully understand the scope of your pest control goals. Then, we’ll work with you to offer a home pest control solution that is not only effective but that works for you.

We utilize our in-depth knowledge of pest biology, seasonal factors, and pest control technology to provide you with superior services. And with our Integrated Pest Management methods, we strive to only offer treatments that are minimally invasive and geared at creating sustainable results. Contact us today for more information on keeping your home pest-free 365 days a year.

Commercial Pest Control In Troy, NY

As a locally owned business, we appreciate what the average business owner encounters in their daily operations. That’s why it’s our goal at Absolute Pest Control to provide businesses of Troy with proven effective commercial pest control treatments that are minimally invasive along with superior customer service. Whether your pest problems are imminent or you’re looking for proactive treatment, we can help.

Utilizing our Integrated Pest Management protocols, we’re able to get to the root cause of your problems and create long-lasting results. We assess, inspect, treat, and monitor to ensure your property and your people remain safe, no matter the time of year. So call Absolute Pest Control today for more information on how your business can stay pest-free. 

Why Rodents Love Your Home In Troy

Over time, rodents have come to build a dependent relationship with humans. Unknowingly, we provide them with everything they need: food, water, and shelter, which can lead to a total invasion that we didn’t even intend on creating.

Here are a few reasons why rodents might love your Troy home:

  • There’s ample access to human food. 
  • Your home is cluttered or offers lots of nooks and hiding spots. 
  • It’s gotten cold outside so they need to come inside for warmth. 
  • In the case of gophers, your lawn has rich soil, ample vegetation, and is home to earthworms. 

Rodents will prove to be a very difficult pest to evict. Their natural tendency is to hide from humans and work in secret, which makes them very difficult to spot, let alone deal with. For more assistance with all of your rodent problems, contact the team at Absolute Pest Control for our effective rodent control service.

How To Handle Fleas In Your Troy Home

Fleas are tiny, flightless parasites that feed on the blood of people and animals. While they are more common in homes with pets, anyone can find themselves with an infestation and these pests aren’t just leaving behind itchy bites. Fleas can transmit a variety of pathogens including tularemia, bubonic plague, bartonellosis, or even tapeworms.

The best way to handle flea infestations in your Troy home is to prevent them in the first place. You can do this by working with your veterinarian to keep pets treated for fleas throughout the year, cleaning and vacuuming frequently, washing bed linens and pet bedding, and maintaining landscaping to prevent overgrown areas near your home.

Unfortunately, another way fleas sometimes enter homes is on the backs of wildlife pests like rodents. You can reduce the risks of this happening in your home by practicing general pest precautions such as: eliminating harborage areas by keeping the lawn mowed, cleaning up debris around the yard, replacing loose mortar and weather stripping around foundations, windows, and doors, and removing access to food and water.

Prevention is always the preferred approach to pest control, but if fleas have made their way into your Troy home then it’s time to call the professionals at Absolute Pest Control for our reliable flea control service.