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Professional Pest Control In Rotterdam, NY

Dutch settlers established the close-knit community of Rotterdam, with a history dating back to the 1600s. The welcoming and warm atmosphere in the community persists to this day, where residents and tourists alike can benefit from all the town has to offer. Unfortunately, pests also enjoy the atmosphere of Rotterdam and can easily invade area homes and businesses if proper Schenectady County pest control isn’t in place.

At Absolute Pest Control, we strive to keep Rotterdam homes and businesses protected from pest issues. Our experienced technicians and our company are family-owned, which means we care about a pest-free community just as much as you do. We use various techniques to treat pest problems in Rotterdam, and we make sure to customize everything to your needs, creating the most effective pest control plans possible.

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Residential Pest Control In Rotterdam

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Your Rotterdam residence should be your safe space, somewhere that you and your family can relax, but pest infestations issues can present dangers that interfere with your enjoyment of your home. At Absolute Pest Control, we have your family’s safety in mind just as you do. We consider your property’s needs and your specific pest concerns while completing our initial inspection to determine where your active residential pest issues are and any conditions that may encourage pest problems.

Once we complete our inspection, we present our findings to you and tailor our residential pest control treatment approaches based on your property’s needs. Plus, we can provide follow-up treatments as needed to help you ensure that your home always remains safe from pests.

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Commercial Pest Control In Rotterdam

Your commercial property doesn’t need to deal with a major pest infestation – all of the problems that insects and rodents can bring will seriously damage your business’s operations. Every commercial property in Rotterdam is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all pest control solution.

Our experienced technicians at Absolute Pest Control understand that your business needs the most effective and efficient commercial pest control possible if infestations resolve issues and prevent reinfestations. We provide an initial inspection of your property using the Integrated Pest Management approach; this allows us to develop holistic, long-term solutions that ensure your pest problems are taken care of with no chance of returning.

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What Smells Will Keep Rotterdam Bed Bugs Away?

Like many other insects, bed bugs can be susceptible to certain smells. These smells include chemicals and natural plant aromas such as the scent of peppermint, basil, cinnamon, citrus, and citronella. When you place these aromatic plants around your property in strategic areas or create a repellant spray based on the essential oils of these plants, you may deter bed bug infestations and keep active bed bug problems away from specific areas.

Using smells to treat a bed bug problem is probably not the most effective method because scents can deter bed bugs from entering your property and may prevent large infestations. But they don’t treat infestations that are already active, nor do they truly stop determined bed bugs from invading your home. The best thing you can do is combine the preventative step of plant aromas with professional bed bug control provided by Absolute Pest Control; this way, you may be able to deter bed bugs. You can still access assistance with treating and removing active bed bug infestations.

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Tips To Avoid Mosquito Dangers In Rotterdam

Mosquitoes may seem like nothing more than a nuisance to Rotterdam residents, but bites from this pest can be dangerous. To deter mosquitoes from your property and to stop yourself from being bitten, follow our expert tips:

  • Remove all areas of standing water around your property, as this is one of the top attractors for mosquitoes.
  • Cut back any long grass or overgrown foliage on your property and remove debris in your yard. These create moist, shady areas where mosquitoes love to hide.
  • When outside, wear long-sleeved clothing and pants to ward off mosquito bites. You may also want to consider using a mosquito repellant.
  • Whenever possible, avoid going outside in the very early hours of the morning or at dusk, as this is when most mosquito species are highly active.

If you are still struggling with increased populations of mosquitoes around your property despite following these tips, you should contact Absolute Pest Control for professional mosquito control assistance.

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