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The Solutions To Tough Latham Pest Problems

In a place like Latham, you can never be too careful about the way you protect your home or business from pests. If you try to deal with them on your own, you might make matters worse or put yourself or your loved ones in danger. That’s why Absolute Pest Control provides the highest quality pest control care at the most affordable rates in the area. Here’s what we have to offer Latham homes and businesses that many others don’t:

  • No contract required
  • Specifically designed for your property 
  • Locally owned and operated 
  • NPMA-approved 

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Residential Pest Control In Latham, NY

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When you own a home in the Latham area, it could be tempting to try and deal with pest problems yourself. After all, isn’t it quicker and cheaper that way? Unfortunately, this is a common yet dangerous misconception.

Instead of putting your trust in the inconsistent results of DIY methods and store-bought remedies, partner with the professionals that have industry-approved pest control technology to get rid of all of your pest problems.

We cater our pest control program specific to your needs, so we can assure you that you will get the personal attention that your pest problems require.

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Commercial Pest Control In Latham, NY

If you own a business in Latham, it can be difficult to keep pests out of your commercial facility. From invasive termites to destructive rodents and disease-spreading cockroaches, ants, and more, local pests will threaten your inventory, your facility, and your customers. Unfortunately, they are an even larger threat to your business’s reputation in the community.

If you want to avoid the bad reviews that accompany pest problems, partnering with a professional pest technician is the best way to do so. We have years of experience in the industry and area to figure out exactly the kind of commercial pest control solutions you need. We also have customizable solutions that can treat your specific problems. Give one of our Absolute Pest Control technicians a call to schedule an inspection today.

How To Spot Dangerous Ticks In Latham

As tiny as ticks can be, they are dangerous to encounter in Latham. From black legged ticks, to lone star ticks, and American dog ticks, they spread everything from Lyme disease and anaplasmosis to ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. To keep yourself and your family safe, it is far better to spot ticks before they spot you. While they range in size from almost invisible to the naked eye to up to a ? inch or ½ inch when fully grown and engorged depending on the species, most ticks are adept at staying undetected.

You can increase your chances of spotting dangerous ticks in the following ways:

  • Clothing: Ticks cannot jump or fly so they wait on tall grasses to climb onto hosts as they walk by. It’s helpful to wear long sleeves and long pants when spending time in tick infested areas. Light colored clothes also make it far easier to spot tiny ticks. 

  • Tick Checks: It’s important to check for ticks after spending time outdoors for both people and pets. 

  • Symptoms: Unfortunately, many times the first indication that a tick bite has occurred is symptoms of a tick-borne disease. Even if you don’t spot a tick or notice a bite, if you are exhibiting symptoms of a tick-borne illness, it’s important to check in with your doctor.

For the best in tick control for your Latham property, contact Absolute Pest Control today.

Five Ways Latham Homeowners Can Prevent Ant Infestations

If you have ant problems around your Latham home, these pests can spread dangerous bacteria to your stored food and meal preparation areas. Plus, the ants that will inhabit your yard can pose a health threat as well, since some can induce a painful sting.

If you want to reduce ant attraction to your home, here are our top five recommendations for DIY ant control around your property:

  1. Clean your home regularly to avoid loose crumbs.

  2. Maintain the lawn properly.

  3. Use a dehumidifier in your basement and crawlspace to limit moisture problems around the property.

  4. Store food and trash properly and promptly.

  5. Seal up cracks and crevices around your structure with silicone-based caulking.

While all of these methods can help you reduce your chances of an ant infestation around your property, there is not much you can do to get rid of an existing ant problem. For the best ant eradication methods, partner with one of the professional technicians at Absolute Pest Control.

We can customize our ant control treatments to meet your exact needs, and you will always feel like one of our top priorities. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced residential pest control technicians.

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