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Expert Pest Control Services In Clifton Park, NY

As a suburban town in Saratoga County, Clifton Park is known for its numerous parks and extensive recreation opportunities. It’s also a model for growth with emerging business centers and innovative residential designs. With that growth comes all the benefits and drawbacks of human activity. One of those drawbacks is pest activity, which can thrive from the presence of so many people. That’s why local property owners must learn how they can manage their risk of pests and act quickly to stop the most common pests in Clifton Park.

Residential Pest Control In Clifton Park, NY

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Pest problems in your home can be a lot more serious than most realize. They bring disease, property damage, and attract other pests, meaning a small problem quickly grows out of control.

To combat this, don’t try DIY methods or ineffective products. Instead, turn to the experts who know how to provide overall protection no matter what kind of pest problem is a concern. At Absolute Pest Control, all of our effective programs come with our Absolute Guarantee, which means we don’t charge until you’re satisfied and we don’t charge extra for extra work.

Here are the options we provide:

  • Insect Protection Plan: This comprehensive and quarterly treatment plan protects from over 50 different kinds of invasive insects, from ants to mosquitoes. We also provide a detailed consultation of your service, as well as ways you can prevent future infestations.
  • Absolute Protection Plan: This plan guarantees protection from all the insects as our previous plan and adds protection against mice and rats. As common invasive creatures, this is a necessary and important consideration to make.
  • Targeted Programs: Some types of bugs or rodents, or other types of pests for that matter, may require a more targeted approach. That’s why we offer treatments that take care of whatever other kinds of pests might strike your Clifton Park home.

For total protection against pests in Clifton Park, contact Absolute Pest Control today for our residential pest control service.

Commercial Pest Control In Clifton Park, NY

With so much to have to worry about when it comes to running a business in Clifton Park, pest control can seem like the last thing you have time for. While it’s understandable, there are good reasons to take proper pest protection seriously. An infestation can bring damage, disease and a bad reputation to your local business, so proper prevention is a worthwhile investment.

At Absolute Pest Control, we help all kinds of local businesses prevent, treat, and prepare for pest problems. Here’s why you should trust us with the care of your property:

  • Communication: First and foremost, we pride ourselves on communicating to our clients clearly and constantly. We make sure to educate businesses on how to avoid problems and reduce risks in the future, not to mention make sure that all of our services are clearly outlined before any of the work takes place.
  • Integrated Pest Management: That’s a fancy way of saying we use customized approaches to each unique property and pest problem. Rather than heavy use of pesticides, we craft treatment plans that are safe and effective, designed for long-term control rather than just fast elimination.
  • Comprehensive Protection: We protect Clifton Park businesses from a wide range of common pests, from insects to rodents and even outdoor nuisances like birds.

To get started on protecting your Clifton Park business from pests today, contact Absolute Pest Control for our trusted commercial pest management service.

Ant Species Common To Clifton Park

While people mostly think of them as harmless nuisances, ants can be very dangerous to you and your property. Some may spread disease while others cause property damage that can be costly or hazardous. Learning what kinds of dangerous ants are out there can help Clifton Park property owners recognize why proper pest control is a smart investment.

Here are just some of the more dangerous species in our area:

  • Carpenter Ants: Just like termites, these guys bore through household woods and can lead to structural hazards over time.

  • Pharaoh Ants: Known for spreading diseases like salmonella, these golden-colored ants are pretty common in Clifton Park properties.

  • Fire Ants: The most dangerous invasive ant species because their venomous stingers can pack quite the punch, especially when they attack in swarms. These are also some of the most difficult species of ant to get rid of completely.

Protect your Clifton Park property from ants with the comprehensive ant control service from Absolute Pest Control. Contact us today!

Five Ways To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations In Clifton Park

Over the last decade, bed bugs have become an increasing problem around the country and Clifton Park is no exception. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to lessen the chances that bed bugs will infest your Clifton Park home.

  1. Hot Spots: Rather than being attracted to our leftover food or places with excess moisture, bed bugs are attracted by just one thing - people. Therefore anywhere a lot of people gather becomes a hotspot for bed bug activity. You can prevent picking up bed bugs in these areas by being careful to not set your belongings on the floor.
  2. Clothing: Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests and will attach themselves to people’s belongings or clothing when they get the chance. If traveling or heading to the laundromat store clothing in plastic to avoid picking up stray bed bugs and bringing them home.
  3. Second-Hand Items: Another way bed bugs can catch a ride into our homes is on second-hand furniture and even appliances. Before bringing these items into your home, check them closely for signs of bed bugs.
  4. Maintenance: To prevent a stray bed bug from becoming a full-blown infestation it is important to keep up on the maintenance of your home. Vacuum frequently and wash clothes and beddings in hot water.
  5. Inspections: With the risk of bed bugs at an all-time high it is important to regularly check for signs of an infestation. Reducing clutter in your home can make these inspections easier as well as limit places where bed bugs can hide.

And remember, if bed bugs make it past your defenses, the bed bug control professionals at Absolute Pest Control are here to help. Call today to make bed bugs a thing of the past!

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