Wasps have a reputation for being aggressive, dangerous pests. Although this isn’t totally true, you still don’t want them buzzing around your home. Absolute Pest Control offers wasp control in Albany along with our standard Albany pest control. Call today to learn more about how we safely remove wasp nests from homes and yards.

Types Of Wasps That Build Nests In Albany

Wasps are insects related to bees, but there are a few distinct differences. Wasps have smooth bodies, while bees are fuzzy. Wasps also have smooth stingers, allowing them to sting multiple times, unlike bees, whose stingers have barbs. Wasps also have clearly defined body segments, most notably a thin “waist.” They also tend to be more vibrantly colored.

There are a few types of wasps in Albany to watch out for. Bald faced hornets are black and white. They’re social wasps, which means they form colonies. These wasps build paper nests. Paper wasps also build paper nests. They’re brown and yellow and also live in colonies. Yellow jackets are also social wasps that build aerial paper nests. They’re yellow and black.

Eastern cicada killer wasps are black and yellow, like yellow jackets, but much bigger. They don’t build nests like other wasps; instead, they dig tunnels for underground nests. Likewise, mud dauber wasps are solitary and build nests out of mud.

There aren’t really signs of wasps besides seeing their nests or the insects themselves. Paper nests will often be hung on trees, houses, utility poles, or other structures. Mud dauber nests are made of multiple mud tubes, which are usually visible. If eastern cicada killer wasps are living near your home, you’ll probably see small piles of dirt near the entrances to their tunnels.

The Dangers Of A Wasp Nest On Your Property

The most obvious problem with a wasp infestation is the risk of being stung. Wasp stings can be painful, and some people are allergic to their venom. However, most species of wasps are not aggressive and will only sting if they feel threatened. Unfortunately, a person trying to remove their nest may be seen as a threat. When this happens, wasps will likely swarm out of the nest and sting in self-defense. Wasps can and will sting multiple times, which can lead to more severe reactions to their venom.

With eastern cicada killer wasps, there’s a risk of damage to your lawn. Their tunnels can disfigure your lawn and could end up being a safety hazard. Be careful not to trip on the entrances to their tunnels, and watch out for wasps leaving the nests.

Tips For Deterring Wasps On Your Property

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely prevent wasps from flying into your yard. But you can take steps to keep them from building nests near your home.

Following these tips can help prevent these Albany pests from living in your yard or getting into your home:

  • Seal all cracks or holes in the walls
  • Repair torn screens and ensure that windows and doors fit properly
  • Keep food covered outside
  • Avoid wearing scented products when outdoors
  • Install plants that repel wasps

If you have cracks in the walls of your home or damaged window screens, wasps can get inside your house. This increases your risk of being stung and can make it even more difficult to get rid of the wasps. Make sure that there are no extra entry points around your home so wasps stay outside.

Uncovered food outside, including garbage cans, attracts wasps to the area. Although adult wasps primarily eat nectar, they gather other foods to feed their young. This includes human food—sugars, carbohydrates, and proteins—as well as other insects. It’s important that you cover up any outdoor food so wasps aren’t able to use it as their own food source.

Scent is a factor when it comes to wasp prevention. Some scented products can attract wasps, including perfumes. But there are also plants whose scents keep wasps away. Basil, rosemary, lavender, and lemongrass are all known to repel wasps based on their scents. Planting these around your yard can help keep wasps from moving in.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, wasps will still make their nests near your home. When that happens, your best option is to have them professionally removed so you can avoid being stung.

Call The Professionals For Wasp Nest Removal

At Absolute Pest Control, we absolutely promise to keep you and your family safe from wasps. Although we can’t guarantee you’ll never see a wasp, we can offer safe nest removal and wasp control options. You don’t need to risk being stung; just leave it to the professionals. Call Absolute Pest Control today for home pest control services in Albany.

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