If you're like most Albany homeowners, you probably enjoy spending time in your backyard. But if you've been noticing opossums spending time out there too, it's probably time to start taking steps to get rid of them. Absolute Pest Control will cover everything you need to know about opossums in Albany. Keep reading for tips on how to identify these pests, what their eating habits are, and the dangers they pose to your yard. We'll also go over how professional pest control in Albany can help you deal with an opossum problem. 

Identifying Opossums In Albany

The first step to getting rid of opossums is to make sure you're correctly identifying them. Opossums are small-to-medium-sized marsupials that look somewhat like rats with long tails. They're usually gray or brown in color, and they have pointy noses and ears. If you see an animal that looks like a cross between a rat and a raccoon, chances are it's an opossum.

Opossums in Albany are nocturnal creatures, so you're most likely to see them at night. If you've been hearing strange noises coming from your backyard at night, there's a good chance it's an opossum. These animals are also known to be carriers of diseases, so it's important to contact a wildlife expert to get rid of them as soon as possible.

What Do Opossums Eat?

Opossums are opportunistic eaters, which means they'll pretty much eat anything they can find. If you have a garden, chances are good that an opossum has helped itself to your fruits and vegetables at some point. These animals are also known to eat insects, small rodents, and even garbage.

If you're noticing an increase in the amount of garbage being taken out of your trash cans, it's possible that an opossum is to blame. These animals are attracted to the smell of food, so if you're not careful about sealing up your garbage cans, they'll definitely help themselves to whatever's inside. If you think an opossum is raiding your garbage, contact Absolute Pest Control. Our nuisance wildlife removal professionals can help you get rid of the problem for good.

The Dangers Opossums Can Bring If Left To Thrive In Your Yard

While opossums may seem harmless at first, they can actually pose a threat to your Albany home in several different ways:

  • As we mentioned before, opossums are known to carry diseases. If one of these animals bites you or your family members, it's important to seek medical attention immediately.
  • Opossums are also attracted to garbage cans and pet food bowls. If they can get into these areas, they will make a huge mess and attract other pests like rats and insects.
  • In addition, opossums can damage your property in their search for food. If you have a garden, they may dig up your plants in search of grubs and other insects to eat.

If you're dealing with an opossum problem, it's important to take action as soon as possible. These animals can cause a lot of damage to your property and pose a serious threat to your family's health, so it's best to call in professional wildlife pest control if you're seeing opossums in your yard.

Total Nuisance Wildlife Control In Albany

If you have an opossum in your Albany yard, the best course of action is to call Absolute Pest Control. We have more than 30 years of experience providing local wildlife control services, so you can rest assured that your opossum issue will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Our technicians will come out, assess the situation, and determine the best way to solve the problem. This usually involves live-trapping the animal and releasing it into a more suitable habitat. We use safe and humane wildlife management methods, and we always follow the New York Department of Environmental Conservation's recommended best practices. 

We also deal with a variety of other nuisance wildlife, such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and more. Call us today to learn more about our wildlife control services or to schedule a no-obligation inspection.

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