It's pretty easy to know what mosquitoes love. Unfortunately, that doesn't help you keep these common Albany pests away. If you want to protect yourself from these harmful pests, you need to know what mosquitoes don't like. Learn more about the scents that repel mosquitoes in Albany this spring.

When it comes to pest control in Albany, our team of experts at Absolute Pest Control has the solutions you need.

Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

Across the globe, mosquitoes harass people. The females bite humans and animals alike as they seek out nutrients for reproduction. Typically, mosquito saliva triggers reactions that leave their victims scratching for days.

However, mosquitoes aren't just a nuisance pest in Albany. They're also highly dangerous insects that have the potential to spread diseases every time they bite. Individuals who are elderly or immunocompromised are more likely to develop severe illnesses from mosquito bites, but anyone is vulnerable.

What Smells Deter Mosquitoes?

There are probably some smells that send you packing. Likewise, some aromas deter mosquitoes. However, scents alone aren't enough to keep all mosquitoes away from you. They simply assist you in your efforts of mosquito prevention.

You can purchase some scents as essential oils to create your own bug spray.  Simply mix the essential oils with water. Combine the oils in a spray bottle and spritz your clothes or the air. Before going overboard with the spray, make sure you don't react to it. And keep in mind that you don't need too many drops of essential oil because they tend to be potent.

So what natural smells work to keep mosquitoes away

  • Lemon and eucalyptus are unappealing to mosquitoes and could be somewhat effective at keeping mosquitoes from swarming you. Typically, you can find these scents available in candles or essential oils. 
  • Rosemary, basil, and citronella also tend to repel mosquitoes. Because these scents are natural and come from common plants, you don't need to worry about buying candles or oils. You can plant them near your patio to keep mosquitoes away. 
  • Neem, peppermint, and lavender can have a similar effect on these pests. However you choose to use the scents, you can be certain of one fact - they won't keep all the mosquitoes away. You need to use other methods to protect your property from these pests.

Though these may repel some mosquitoes, if you have a big problem, they will likely ignore the stench and bite you anyways. You may be better off using a more potent spray in areas with high mosquito populations. In addition to not being 100% effective, aromas come with other issues. Essential oils have the potential to cause allergic reactions. Meanwhile, plants may be toxic to cats or dogs. Smells aren't the safest way to scare off mosquitoes.

Tried And Tested Methods Of Mosquito Control

Whether you want to use aromas in conjunction with another method or you're not interested in using scents at all, there are a few ways in which you can keep mosquitoes away. For instance, mosquitoes need standing water to breed in. If you remove all standing water from your yard, you're less likely to encounter mosquitoes on your property. Check for drainage issues, empty pots, and junk piles.

Mosquitoes also like areas with thick vegetation. When you put off your bush pruning or tree trimming, you make your yard more appealing to mosquitoes. Keep vegetation thinned out and far from your outdoor living spaces.

When you are outside, wear long sleeves and long pants. Although mosquitoes can pierce some fabric, they're less likely to cut you when you wear thick clothing. Wearing a DEET mosquito spray can also keep the bugs away.

Absolute Pest Control Is The Best Solution For Your Mosquito Problem

Though you can do everything possible to protect yourself from bites and reduce the mosquito population in your yard, you still may have a huge problem. Fortunately, the professionals at Absolute Pest Control can noticeably keep mosquitoes off of your property. Our seasonal mosquito control services will effectively manage your mosquito population so that you can enjoy your yard again. To learn more about our one-time or recurring mosquito control plans, reach out to us today!

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