Citronella ants, also known as yellow ants, are small yellowish-brown insects native to the Southeastern states. Unlike other ant species, the Citronella ants don’t cause any damage to home structures and won’t bite or sting. However, they can quickly become a nuisance with the large swarms of swarmers that gain entry to homes during summer and early fall. Albany pest control experts can assist with accurate identification and ant control treatments. 

How To Identify Citronella Ants

At first glance, the swarming citronella ants coming into your home may have an alarming semblance to termites. However, these yellow ants have unique characteristics that differentiate them from destructive termites. Here are a few tips to help you identify them accurately:

  • Citronella ants are yellow to yellowish-brown in color.
  • The ants have segmented antennae divided into 12 parts.
  • Adult worker ants are about 1/8inch, with the body segmented into three parts.
  • Swarmers are twice the size of the worker ants.
  • When threatened or crushed, the ant releases a lemon-citrus scent, similar to that of citronella hence the name.
  • The ants feed on insects, honeydew from aphids, and plant sap.

You can use the description above to identify the citronella ants correctly. If you are unsure, contact an ant pest control company in Albany, and an expert can identify the species for you. 

FAQ's About Citronella Ants

Here are three common questions Albany homeowners ask about citronella ants. 

1. How are ants getting in my house?

Citronella ant colonies establish new colonies by releasing new swarmers that fly into your home through cracks and holes in your foundation. They may also get in through your open doors, windows, and chimneys. Sealing the gaps is an effective ant control measure for your property. 

2. How to get rid of citronella ants?

Eliminating the yellow ants from your property may require a combination of natural and conventional pest control measures. Borax and diatomaceous earth are effective natural killers. If the infestation is large, use professional ant control near you. 

3. Do ant traps work?

Ant baits are less effective in managing citronella ants. The citronella ants tend to aphids, mealybugs, and other insets and may be less interested in your baiting system. You may require a more direct approach for effective outdoor ant control

How To Control Citronella Ant Swarms

Citronella ants have the potential to form gigantic colonies within your Albany home, with the numbers running into hundreds of thousands. Here are ways you can control the nuisance insects.

  • Vacuuming: You can use commercial vacuums to pick up the flying swarmers invading your home. It is the safest and quickest elimination method. 
  • Seal the entry points: You can also keep the citronella ants out by caulking all gaps and keeping your doors and windows shut. Installing bug screens can also prevent the bugs from getting in. 
  • Insecticides: You can use bug sprays or natural pesticides such as boric acid poured directly into the ant's nest. 

How To Get Rid Of Citronella Ants For Good

The best way to eliminate citronella ants from your property is to hire professional pest control companies in Albany. If you mishandle the extermination process, the swarmers that escape can proceed to form satellite nests, worsening the infestation. Our experts at Absolute Pest Control can get rid of invasive pests for good. 

Our trained professionals can accurately identify the citronella ants, ensuring that you aren’t confusing them with a termite invasion. The thorough inspection process will also determine the extent of the ant infestation before recommending effective ant control solutions tailored for your home. Call us today to discuss our residential and commercial ant control services in Albany. 

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