Have you ever had a run-in with fleas? If so, what was that experience like? Did you have to bring your pets to the vet to have these bugs removed from their fur? Did you hire an exterminator to treat your home? Maybe you are here today because you tried DIY methods but cannot seem to get these pests out. Regardless, we would like to help you better understand these pests. Here is the best way to prevent fleas in Albany and what problems these pests cause for local homeowners. Consider calling Absolute Pest Control if you need direct assistance with removing pests from your home. We offer simple yet effective pest control in Albany and would be happy to help you deal with a flea infestation.

There Are Many Ways Fleas Can Infest Your Home

Fleas are free spirits. They go wherever the wind takes them. In most situations, this “wind” involves climbing on the backs of furry animals and seeing where they end up. Fleas often find their way into homes by hiding on rats, mice, birds, bats, and other invasive wildlife. These wild creatures get indoors by squeezing through gaps, cracks, and other openings. Once indoors, they shake off fleas inside attic spaces, basements, and other secluded locations. These small bugs then hop their way into living areas where they bite humans and pets. Speaking of pets, this is the second main way fleas get into homes. If you have an outdoor dog or cat, they might go outside and bring back these small parasitic pests. We will talk more in a bit about ways to protect your pets against fleas and the diseases they carry.

Why Having Fleas In Your Home Is A Health Risk

The world is filled with many dangerous creatures, fleas are among them. Now, fleas are not born dangerous. They become dangerous when they consume contaminated blood. If an animal is sick with murine typhus and a flea feeds on it, the flea can pick up this disease and spread it to future "meals" (animals and humans). This is true for many other bacteria, pathogens, and parasitic worms. Some common diseases you might contract from fleas are bubonic plague, tungiasis, and tularemia. In order to avoid these harmful sicknesses, it is best to avoid flea bites as much as possible. This is not always easy and requires your constant attention. To help you understand how to prevent fleas, here are some DIY and professional options to consider.

Five Ways To Keep The Fleas Away

Keeping fleas out of your home is important. One method we recommend is DIY prevention. Here are five methods our experts recommend you start with in order to keep fleas away.

  1. Make sure your pets have the proper protection against fleas, especially if you let them roam around outside freely. If you don’t know what method is best, talk to your veterinarian about your options.
  2. Install a fence around your garden and yard. This will help keep away wildlife that might carry fleas and other parasites onto your property.
  3. Reduce clutter around your yard and remove things like leaf piles, lumber, and other debris. This will reduce harborage opportunities for flea-carrying wildlife.
  4. Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed. This includes filling in holes and gaps in its exterior foundation, repairing damage to windows and doors, and replacing weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens as needed.
  5. Keep an eye on your pets. If they start scratching or biting their fur, check them for fleas. If you find these pests, call our team immediately and talk to your veterinarian about control options for your pets.

If you want to guarantee that flees do not get into your home, we highly recommend pairing a professional pest control plan with these DIY methods. We have many amazing options at Absolute Pest Control if you would like to learn more.

How Can I Eliminate All Of The Fleas From My Home?

When it comes to flea control for your house, there are no better companies for the job than Absolute Pest Control. We design our plans to meet our client’s needs and put in great effort to make sure jobs are done right the first time. If you want our technicians to pay you a visit, we will send them your way.

Call Absolute Pest Control now to learn more about our year-round pest control plans and learn how to remove fleas from your Albany home quickly.

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