Most people in Albany, know about bed bugs and the troubles they bring with them, but if you don't know exactly what these pests look like, you aren't the only one. Many misconceptions surround bed bugs. Some people think they are not visible to the naked eye, but that is not the case. 

Bed bugs are small but not invisible. They are about the size of an apple seed. They are a reddish-brown color and look stripped. Their bodies are usually flat, but they will appear round after they've eaten. And, often, bed bugs will gather together in places like the seams of mattresses or inside outlets. While bed bugs in Albany do prefer sites with beds, you can actually find them almost anywhere.

However, while you can see bed bugs, their infestations are rather hard to identify, especially in the workplace. Bed bugs can go unnoticed for long periods because of their tiny size and are most active at night. In places like office buildings, this means you're less likely to see them moving around.

To help you understand how bed bugs can become a massive problem for your business, this guide details how infestations start and what you can do to remove them.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Offices?

The reason bed bugs can happen to almost any business has to do with how bed bugs travel from place to place. These pests are hitchhikers that attach themselves to clothing, luggage, purses, and other personal belongings. So, employees with home infestations can end up bringing bed bugs into work. Also, employees or customers could end up picking up bed bugs while out and about and then bringing them inside the office. Specifically, bed bugs make their way into office buildings in the following ways:

  • They come in on clothes. If one of your employees has an infestation, they may inadvertently wear clothes with bed bugs and introduce them into your office building. 
  • They come in on used furniture. If you're purchasing used furniture for the office, be sure to check it carefully before bringing it inside. 
  • They will come in on guests. If you have a building that welcomes guests regularly, you'll want to combat bed bugs by cleaning regularly and checking for bed bug signs often. 
  • They come in on belongings. Bed bugs like to be anywhere near people. They will lurk in handbags or briefcases only to find another home in your office building. 

To help combat a bed bug problem, it's essential to instruct employees to report home infestations. This way, you can catch bed bug activity early on if it's already started or take preventative measures to keep these pests from establishing themselves in your business.

Why Should Businesses Worry About Bed Bugs?

While bed bugs mainly bite people while they are sleeping, they can still cause problems in the workplace. Bed bug bites happen in these situations, leading to secondary infections as people scratch at the marks.

An infestation at work can also lead to many more people taking bed bugs home. A home infestation can lead to further health problems, such as anemia in rare cases. Also, if employees bring bed bugs home, this could result in a slippery slope of bed bug infestation.

In many cases, exposed employees or customers can file a negligence claim, costing you a lot of money and hurting your business. For these reasons, it's vital to take bed bug control seriously and investigate claims of activity.

Remove Your Bed Bug Problem By Partnering With The Experts At Absolute Pest Control

If you're an employee and notice signs of bed bugs, make sure to notify your employer right away. If you're an owner or manager, the best way to keep bed bugs out of your company is with assistance from Absolute Pest Control. We will completely eradicate any bed bugs, and we will then work with you to provide bed bug prevention in the future.

Get started and request a free quote by giving us a call today.

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