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Are you looking for a bird control service? Absolute Pest Control can help. We provide a complete range of bird proofing and deterrent systems to help rid your property of nuisance birds. In order to avoid costly repairs, you want to deal with your bird infestation as soon as you notice a recurring pattern, and that’s where Absolute Pest Control can help.

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Absolute Pest Control is committed to solving your bird problems through our comprehensive bird control services. Based on our assessment of your needs, we will recommend a program custom-tailored to resolve your specific pest problems. Absolute Pest Control takes a modern approach to Pest Management called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a broad-based approach incorporating practices that minimize risks to health and the environment.

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Our Bird Programs and Services

Professional Bird Control

Birds are not at the top of the list of pests  your property, but under the right circumstances, an overpopulation of  birds can present a significant problem. Nesting birds are notorious for causing damage to buildings’ facads, such as vinyl siding, soffits, fascia, stucco, and wood. They can even turn your dryer vent into a cozy nesting spot, leaving behind smelly waste. In fact, birds’ nests are known to harbor disease and parasites such as mites. Bird guano can transmit pathogens to people. In short, birds can become a big problem, so if you have a problem that is getting out of hand, call Absolute Pest Control to evaluate your property for bird control.


Pigeon Control

Pigeons are one of the most common nuisance birds. Between their roosting and leaving  droppings that deface and cause structural damage, a persistent flock of pigeons can be a challenge. If you’re looking for pigeon deterrents and other solutions, Absolute Pest Control is here to help. Our pigeon pest control approaches work to keep these birds from landing on your window sills, ledges, or other likely perches. This type of pigeon proofing can discourage birds from returning to past nesting areas or other favorite spots, freeing your property from your pigeon problems.


Absolute's approach to bird control

Absolute Pest Control works to provide bird proofing and prevention that deters birds from landing, roosting, and nesting. We can provide bird pest control for a number of different kinds of birds including pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and others. Even some songbirds can be considered nuisance animals, depending on where they build their nests. No matter what type of bird you’re dealing with, we are your Capital Region solution for bird prevention.

At Absolute Pest Control, we offer a variety of methods for bird pest control and bird proofing. Our many options include:

  • Installing small spikes on perches or roosting places
  • Placing protective netting around structures
  • Utilizing electronic sound deterrents
  • And more

We’ll begin by inspecting your property to assess the extent of your problem and then make customized recommendations regarding which bird control products and techniques are right for your property. By providing individualized bird proofing and bird repellent devices, we’re able to bring you the most effective outcomes.

If you’re looking to stop pigeons or other birds from returning to your property, give Absolute Pest Control a call. With our full arsenal options, from bird netting to deterrent system, we can find a solution that’s suited to your property and your specific bird issues. Contact us today for a consultation.

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