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Pests multiply like germs. While the occasional pest siting may be easily dismissed, remember that insects reproduce at a prolific rate and they WILL breed, multiply if the environment is right. One female cockroach can produce more than 35,000 young per year and before you know it, infestation occurs. Wishfully thinking a pest problem will go away on its own is not a good idea. this only allows insects more time to breed and establish a stronger foothold in yor house, the longer amount of time the insects have had to set up camp, the more difficult it will be to get rid of them.
As you probably know, pests will hide in undetectable areas of your home, with most of their activity occurring at night when you re sound asleep. Most pests are virtually impossible to see...unless the population is already out of hand and infestation has occurred. For instance, only 3 - 5% of a nest of carpenter ants will be active during the day time. So if you walk into your kitchen in the morning and see 30 carpenter ants, you can bet there are up to 600 more below the surface. Professional pest control aims to solve the root of the problem rather than applying a mere topical application of pesticide at the siting.

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